About Somerston Winery

The Somerston property is the foundation of everything we do. The property is 1628 acres of natural beauty, with over 200 acres of sustainably farmed vineyards, winery, and a developing ranch and farm Our two valleys are split by the highest point on Sage Canyon Road, topping out at almost 2800 feet in elevation, the valley floors rest at 800 feet above sea level. Somerston is 8 miles east of Rutherford east of the Chiles Valley appellation in Napa Valley. Its diverse soils, micro-climates, and exposures are perfect for growing world-class grapes. This remarkable property has several spring fed lakes, natural soda springs, and several acres dedicated to farming of fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, and gardens.

Located in our eastern valley, the winery is a renovated 12,000 square foot barn. The facility is designed to be functional, practical, and energy efficient. In the summer of 2010 the completion of our new wine making facility will feature many high-tech attributes. This remodeled facility will be sustainably operated by employing new proven technologies like CO2 heat pumps, non-glycol based refrigerants, elimination of a boiler for hot water, the first process waste anaerobic bio-filter in Napa County, that delivers clean, pH adjusted processed waster with over 90% BOD (biological oxygen demand) removed, and solar power. Our carbon neutral cooling/ heating and hot water system will be among the first of its kind in use at a winery in the United States.

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