2005 David Arthur Three Acre Cabernet Sauvignon (750ml)


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Our ‘Three Acre’ Cabernet Sauvignon showcases how stunning Napa Valley  mountain-grown Cabernet Sauvignon can be. The rising star in David’s vineyard, Clone 337, thrives above the fogline at over one thousand feet above the valley floor. Extended hours of sunlight give these grapes the opportunity to express the inherent ripe-fruit characteristics while the small, thick skinned berries give us a high ratio of skins to must during the maceration and fermentation process. Twenty months in blue-chip French Oak barrels gives this wine the opportunity to express a wide range of baking spices and aromatics. The resulting wine is fullbodied, fruit-expressive and bold with gripping tannins that offer a seemingly never-ending finish. This wine would pair beautifully with a butter-basted rib-eye steak and your best friend’s company!
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