2006 W.H.Smith Maritime Pinot Noir (750ml)


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If you visit the Sonoma Coast during the growing season you?ll stand in the shade of the redwoods and think of your sweatshirt in the car. Going to the car you?ll get warm in the sunlight and think of changing into your shorts. This constant amalgam of warm and cool provides a heaven for pinot noir needing moisture to retain the juices within the varietals thinner skins.
  An early luminary of Sonoma Coast pinot noir, Bill now sources grapes from several small growers in areas he feels gives Pinots its truest expression. We work closely with these passionate growers to achieve fully developed fruit that showcases the varietal as well as the special terroir of the region. Just as a mixture of clones brings more complexity to Pinot Noirs, so Bill feels a mixture of various vineyards creates still more. This also allows for more consistent quality as Pinot Noir sites are finicky to be generous! Our style agrees with this approach. Staff packs up regularly into the truck with Bill to keep in touch with co-conspirators on the Sonoma Coast.
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