2007 Pharaoh Moans Westside Syrah (750ml)


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Our vinicultural goal in this endeavor was to produce a wine exemplifying the exceptional fruit of our 3-acre vineyard in Paso Robles? Westside appellation and the dense structure of our terroir without the higher levels of ethanol common in many Syrahs.
  The 2007 Syrah is a blend of 92% Syrah and 8% Grenache and is showing much of that Northern Rhone style elegance, with juicy black fruit, white pepper and smoky meat character, as well as a tight core of well balanced acid and tannin structure. The mouth has superb attack with a huge volume of fruit beautifully integrated in the flesh.
  The 2007 vintage was a very small crop but thanks to a hot August and an otherwise cooler growing season, the vines yielded grapes with great extraction and lower than normal and tempered alcohol levels. The wine was aged in a combination of Tarransaud, Saury and L?Ermite French oak.
  The name?PharaohMoans?pays tribute to the birthplace of wine - and plays with the term "pheromones", which of course is the hormonal influence behind a variety of sensory patterns (including consumption of very fine wines) among our kind.  
Wine was discovered in Egypt nearly 6,000 years ago, around the time when Hieroglyphs were first used in 3500 BC. The Rosetta Stone was discovered in 1822 and unlocked the written secrets of culture of this ancient civilization. The Egyptian Pharaohs had a great zest for life and the finest things that it had to offer.
  PharaohMoans reflects our desire to honor the birthplace of wine. The label is printed to reflect papyrus paper-like paper in the shape of the Rosetta Stone using Hieroglyphics to describe our wine and vintage.
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