2007 Robert Biale Monte Rosso Zinfandel (750ml)


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Huge, twisting, gnarled, mountain-rooted Zinfandel vines with a view of Sonoma Valley, San Francisco, and the Bay Area. Thriving plants that produce thrilling wines since their origins in the 1880s. Even the most jaded wine veterans are struck with awe upon seeing the great Monte Rosso Vineyard. At an average of about 1500 ft. elevation, with its reddish volcanic soils filled with rock and iron, Monte Rosso speaks clearly and firmly as to its sense of place. Sometimes wine newbies wonder what all the fuss is about in red wines, but this is one of those examples of fine red so filled with tantalizing character that you can?t help but sit back, sip slowly, and ponder the power of the site.
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