2007 Spence Cabernet Sauvignon (375ml)


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Spence Vineyards is located in the Napa Valley?s sub appellation of Howell Mountain. The Howell Mountain designation was the first sub appellation in Napa Valley to be recognized as an American Viticulture Area (AVA).
It was defined by a group of early Howell Mountain vintners and it begins where the fog line in the valley ends: 1400 feet above sea level. At 1900 feet, our vineyard is midway between the 1400 foot bottom and the 2200 foot top of Howell Mountain, an area highly regarded for its ability to produce rich, full bodied Cabernets. Compared to the valley floor, the cooler days and warmer nights on the mountain allow for photosynthesis to start very early in the day. Additionally, the soils of Howell Mountain are very well suited for producing superb grapes; they are volcanic, well drained and not particularly fertile. The combination of these conditions stresses the grapes and provides for a longer maturation time, allowing the fruit to develop deep color and intense flavors.
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