Bond Estate, Terrior Pack 5-Bottle Set OWC5 2008


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Sourced from select hillside estates, the Cabernet Sauvignon wines of BOND vividly demonstrate the range of Napa Valley's finest terroirs. From the more than eighty vineyards we have worked with over the past quarter century, we have slowly and vigilantly selected five sites. BOND became our covenant and shared commitment to produce only the best expression of the land.
By way of this valuable experience, we had the opportunity to identify select properties that we felt had the potential to define the Grand Crus of Napa Valley. These small hillside Cabernet vineyards, ranging in size from 7 to 11 acres, became the basis for the wines of BOND.

Melbury 2008: [WS 93] [CT 93] [ST 93]
Quella 2008: [WS 94] [ST 94] [CT 93]
St Eden 2008: [WS 93] [CT 94] [ST 93]
Vecina 2008: [RP 95] [WS 94] [ST 96] [CT 94]
Pluribus 2008: [RP 95] [WS 93] [CT 94] [ST 94]
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