Priest Ranch Grenache Blanc 2016 (750ml)


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Priest Ranch wines began in 2007 with our first vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah.? Our Winemaker and Co-founder, Craig Becker, hasn?t looked back since.? Honoring our Napa Valley heritage by cultivating wines with distinctive profiles, Priest Ranch is committed to a forward-thinking mindset and a unswerving commitment to quality at the highest level.
We have explored the diversity of the property by blending multiple blocks into every wine produced.? These multi-block wines showcase the impressive quality and represent the property at the highest level.? Each vineyard is uniquely tended based on the grape varietal.
Our wines are recognized for their adventurous and unique character, crafted both in the vineyard and the winery to reflect the richness and diversity of their source.? Being in control of our vineyards, we can adapt the viticulture practice to each block.
  Priest Ranch Grenache Blanc was fermented in stainless steel drums and tanks. Native yeasts fermented the wine at a controlled 60 degrees F. The lees was stirred twice a month for five months before the wine was bottled.
This concentrated, hearty white was aged entirely in stainless steel. It's full of ripe melon and peach fruit, with a sharp, focused streak of acidity underlying all that richness. The palate is sharp with good acidity, minerality, bright stone fruits and a touch of tannins.
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